The River Bridge – Aqueduct Veluwemeer

This amazing piece of engineering connects the mainland in Netherlands to Flevoland which is the largest artificial island in the world.

Do you recognize this celebrity?

Who would have thought he would end up as one of the fan favorite characters in such a popular series?

Friends everyone has as represented by drugs and alchohol

The first time you hung out with them was a nightmare. Whether it's because they have a strong personality or you were too immature, you swore them off forever after that first night.

10 crossover TV couples that should exist

I mean, this one's a no-brainer. Joey and Alex are both hot, dumb food-lovers. Just imagine how bonkers these two idiot firecrackers would be in the bedroom.

Artists creatively lend a hand to the homeless

In this heart-warming project, Kenji Nakayama and Christopher Hope gave various street people new hand painted signs to help raise awareness on issues of poverty and homelessness.

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It's not your best day

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Game of Thrones Dating Profiles